Amgen allies with CytomX Therapeutics on immuno-oncology

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Amgen has announced a new partnership with CytomX Therapeutics that aims to develop new treatments for cancer.

The immuno-oncology partnership will see the companies co-develop a CytomX Probody T-cell engaging bispecific against the epidermal growth factor receptor, a highly validated oncology target expressed on multiple human cancer types.

“Amgen is allying with CytomX Therapeutics on the development of new immuno-oncology solutions.“

Probody T-cell engaging bispecifics are antibody constructs designed to direct cytotoxic T-cells in tumour microenvironments, with preclinical studies showing that these types of drug can induce tumour regressions and increase the therapeutic window for this high-potential cancer target.

Amgen will lead later development and commercialisation, with global late-stage development costs shared between the two companies. The firm will also receive exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialise up to three additional, undisclosed targets.

Dr Sean Harper, executive vice-president of research and development at Amgen, said: "Our collaboration with CytomX leverages Amgen's development leadership in bispecifics and expands our immuno-oncology capabilities with an additional and complementary bispecific technology."

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