Carestream Dental adds intelligent scanning features to CS 3600

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Carestream Dental has announced the introduction of new updates to the acquisition software for its CS 3600 intraoral scanner.

The new update introduces intelligent scanning features, such as high-resolution and real-time scanning feedback, including colour-coding to indicate holes or gaps in the dataset, and guide arrows that lay out the ideal direction to rescan the missing information.

“Carestream Dental has updated its CS 3600 acquisition software with the addition of new intelligent scanning features.“

Additionally, it now possible to detect and alert users to possible undercuts while the patient is still in the chair, allowing the preparation to be adjusted and rescanned on the spot, rather than requiring the patient to return for a second appointment.

Other additions include a new scanbody area selection tool that allows users to select the region around the scanbody to prevent an image mismatch, as well as the ability for up to five HD 2D intraoral quadrant snapshots to be extracted from the digital impression.

In addition to this update, Carestream Dental is announcing CS 3600 Access, which offers monochromatic scanning with the same proven accuracy as the CS 3600.

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