Bayer consumer study highlights need for better sex education

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Bayer has carried out a survey showing that adolescents worldwide are in need of better information on topics of sexuality, sexual health and contraception.

The company has commissioned GfK Healthcare to poll around 3,000 adolescents on their attitudes toward sexuality and contraception, revealing that 25.1 percent believed they were so unlikely to become pregnant that they did not need to use any method of contraception.

“Bayer has revealed the findings of a new consumer survey showing that adolescents are keen for access to better sexuality education.“

In many countries, it was indicated that schools and teachers are still the first to address the topic of sexuality and sex education, but respondents were generally unsatisfied with this, and preferred to get their information on the internet.

Given that World Health Organization data showed that 41 percent of the 208 million pregnancies worldwide are unplanned, and that around 16 million teenage pregnancies are recorded a year, it would suggest that there remains a need for better sex education resources for young people.

To this end, the firm offered support for World Contraception Day, a campaign designed to help young people meet and exchange information online on the subject of contraception and sexual health.

Dr Michael Devoy, chief medical officer at Bayer, said: "Every adolescent who is well informed and assumes self-determined responsibility for his or her family planning is a role model for others. The campaign gives these role models a platform."

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