Owen Mumford launches educational materials for blood sampling

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Owen Mumford has announced the launch of a new portfolio of educational materials to provide guidance on capillary blood sampling.

The Sample with Confidence range of materials has been developed with two experts in the field of blood sampling, Mary Ertl Dettmann and Beth Kratzer, and aligns with global best practice guidelines.

“Owen Mumford has developed new educational materials to provide healthcare professionals with support for capillary blood sampling.“

They aim to provide healthcare professionals with information to help guide and ensure a more positive experience of simple capillary sampling for the end user, with the initial range of materials set to expand over time.

Given that preanalytical errors account for 75 percent of all testing errors, understanding good capillary sampling technique can play a key role in reducing these mistakes, ensuring reliable test results and reducing frustration for staff and patients.

Ms Kratzer said: "I was delighted to assist Owen Mumford in the development of these materials, working together to achieve our shared goal of reducing capillary blood sampling pre-analytical errors which would help to ensure a quality specimen and thus quality results for the patient."

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