Norbrook shares expert advice on sheep parasite prevention

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Norbrook Laboratories has shared expert advice on implementing effective parasite control strategies for sheep farmers.

The company, which is preparing to sponsor the Border Union Agricultural Society's Closamectin Kelso Ram Sales event in Scotland on September 8th, is sharing the advice to coincide with this year's fluke season reaching its peak.

“Norbrook Laboratories has shared new expert guidance on the best ways of combating sheep parasites as fluke season reaches its peak.“

Guidance has been provided by Philip Skuce, a parasitologist and principal scientist at the Moredun Research Institute, suggesting that farmers educate themselves on how fluke spreads, as well as how to slow the development of resistance that results from anthelmintic use.

Suggested steps include post-drench efficacy checks and exercising proper quarantine programmes when moving animals to and from sales and markets or seasonal grazing destinations, with anthelmintic treatment forming a key part of this process.

This aligns with advice from the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep group, which suggests that quarantine should be applied to all incoming sheep, including those purchased from other flocks, or those grazing on other farms.

Dr Chris Geddes, marketing manager at Norbrook, said: "Having a well-structured plan in place will not only help improve the health and welfare of animals, but also directly improve the profitability of farming businesses."

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