Cook Medical agrees distribution deal for Cellvizio CLE system

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Cook Medical has agreed a new US distribution deal with Mauna Kea Technologies, manufacturer of the Cellvizio confocal laser endomicroscopy (CLE) system.

The agreement will see Cook Medical making Cellvizio available to urologists across the US market, allowing users to visualise the internal microstructure of tissues in real time during ureteroscopic and cystoscopic procedures.

“Cook Medical will distribute the Cellvizio confocal laser endomicroscopy system, manufactured by Mauna Kea Technologies, in the US market.“

The system makes use of Confocal Miniprobes, made up of optical fibre bundles and other optical elements to transmit laser energy to the tissue site and detect fluorescent light. This is then reflected back and generated into images of the internal microstructure of tissues.

Cellvizio consists of various components on a single portable cart, allowing it to be easily transported between rooms in a hospital or clinic. Meanwhile, the sterile probes used with the system can be reprocessed up to 20 times, further enhancing its efficiency.

Jean-Marc Creissel, vice-president of Cook's urology business, said: "Allowing physicians to view tissue in real time offers them an opportunity to quickly determine potential options for patients."

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