Phonak and Advanced Bionics launch Naida Link CROS for cochlear implant users

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Phonak and Advanced Bionics are making the Naída Link CROS wireless audio transmitter available to cochlear implant users.

The transmitter was designed to provide full access to sounds for unilateral cochlear implant candidates with no hearing in their opposite ear, by picking up signals presented to the non-hearing ear and instantaneously transmitting them to the cochlear implant system on the hearing ear.

“Phonak and Advanced Bionics are making the Naida Link CROS device available to cochlear implant users.“

In a recent study, it was demonstrated that the device is able to provide immediate improvement in speech understanding in quiet and noise for these individuals, as well as a better overall hearing experience.

Phonak has already launched Naida Link CROS in the US and Canada and is rolling the product out across Europe starting this summer.

Stefan Launer, vice-president of science and technology for group research and development at Phonak's parent company Sonova, said: "This technology has been life-changing for individuals with single-sided deafness. We expect the same benefits for those individuals who hear from a single cochlear implant."

Around 30 percent to 45 percent of cochlear implant recipients are single-sided listeners, who are at a significant disadvantage when positioned with their hearing ear away from the speaker. As such, Naida Link CROS could offer a beneficial solution for these individuals.

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