BVA offers warning of heat impact for pets

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The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has warned pet owners across the UK to take "extra care" of their pets during periods of high temperature this summer.

A new BVA poll - entitled 'Voice of the Veterinary Profession' - questioned 1,000 veterinary professionals and revealed a significant rise in the number of animals treated for heat-related illnesses last summer.

“UK pet owners have been urged to take extra care of their animals when the temperature rises this summer.“

It showed that 50 percent of companion animal vets treated an average of five cases for dogs last year, with one in four treating up to eight cases in the summer months alone.

BVA president Gudrun Ravetz said: "As a dog owner, I know that dogs in particular won't stop enjoying themselves because it is hot, so it's up to owners to do all we can to prevent overheating happening and be able to recognise the signs and act quickly if it does."

He added that even temperatures in the mid-teens can prove uncomfortable for many animals. Therefore, owners must act to provide shade and plenty of water to pets when the mercury rises.

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