Bayer Animal Health hails success of 2017 World Feline Congress

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Bayer Animal Health has hailed the success of the recent 2017 World Feline Congress after acting as a platinum sponsor for the Brighton conference.

Running from June 28th to July 2nd, the event was designed to support continuing professional development for veterinarians and animal nurses from around the world, with a focus on two key themes: feline endocrinology and cardiorespiratory disease.

“Bayer Animal Health has highlighted the success of the recent 2017 World Feline Congress, for which it acted as a platinum-level sponsor.“

Organised by the International Society of Feline Medicine, the congress saw two veterinary experts invited by Bayer Animal Health lead a symposium covering scientific perspectives and real-world learning on vector-borne diseases in cats.

Dr Michael Day, a professor of veterinary pathology at the University of Bristol, addressed the question of whether cats are less susceptible to vector-borne diseases than dogs, before Dr Michael Lappin - professor of small animal clinical veterinary medicine at Colorado State University - discussed specific pathogens, including bartonella and haemoplasmas, that affect cats specifically.

Ronan Fitzgerald, a spokesperson for global veterinary scientific affairs at Bayer Animal Health, said: "Hosting this symposium not only enabled two world-class speakers to share their thoughts with a packed lecture hall, but delivered valuable insights into the area of feline vector-borne disease and how we need to challenge previously-held assumptions."

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