Mast launches Adatab antibiotic tablets for laboratory applications

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Mast has announced the launch of Adatab, a new line of antibiotic tablets for use in microbiology research.

The tablets consist of a measured dose of antibiotic that can be added to media to produce plates with specific concentrations. The amount can be adjusted by calculating the amount of Adatab added to the medium.

“Mast has launched Adatab, a new range of antibiotic tablets for use in agar susceptibility testing.“

Suspensions of organisms are then applied to the agar and incubated overnight, with resistance or sensitivity judged by the subsequent growth levels.

Designed for routine agar susceptibility testing, the Adatab tablets are designed to be easy to use - with colour coding used to indicate content - as well as being highly stable, thanks to a two-year shelf life in most cases.

They dissolve rapidly in agar, require no weighing or diluting, and can be added directly to medium to maximise their user-friendless. According to Mast, these products are suitable for use with fast and slow-growing organisms, and are recommended for low-cost multipoint inoculation.

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