Philips launches IntelliVue X3 patient monitoring system in Europe

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Philips has announced the launch of its new IntelliVue X3 patient monitoring system in Europe, having received CE Mark approval.

The system is designed to provide portable, uninterrupted monitoring during in-hospital transport and at the bedside, with intuitive smartphone-style operation to facilitate the monitoring of critical patients.

“Philips has launched IntelliVue X3, a new solution for continuous critical care patient monitoring, in Europe.“

It integrates seamlessly into the existing IntelliVue patient monitoring system, with its data also accessible via mobile applications, hospital networks and interfaces that connect the system to other medical devices and electronic medical records.

In addition to providing complete data records, IntelliVue X3 provides a comprehensive and scalable set of clinical measurements, including dual invasive blood pressure, built-in mainstream CO2, a choice between three SpO2 technologies, and advanced electrocardiography and arrhythmia monitoring.

Felix Baader, business leader for patient care and monitoring solutions at Philips, said: "With the development of the IntelliVue X3, we're aiming to ensure that data isn't being lost during transitions and that we're able to better equip clinicians with the information they need, when they need it."

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