ResMed study shows benefits of noninvasive ventilation for COPD

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ResMed has announced the findings of a new study showing the benefits of home noninvasive ventilation-based approaches to treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The HOT-HMV trial investigated the effect of noninvasive ventilation at home on the time to hospital readmission or death, with participants selected from those who had been hospitalised for a worsening of their COPD and had experienced persistent hypercapnia.

“ResMed has reported new study data showing the benefits of home noninvasive ventilation in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.“

It was shown that those who received noninvasive ventilation at home in addition to oxygen therapy had a 51 percent lower risk of re-hospitalisation or death, with these individuals staying out of hospital more than three times longer than those who received oxygen alone.

Dr Carlos Nunez, chief medical officer of ResMed, said: "This trial adds decisively to the growing body of evidence supporting the broader use of noninvasive ventilation for patients with COPD."

It is estimated that around 384 million people are affected by COPD globally, with a large proportion of these patients experiencing frequent re-hospitalisation, resulting in considerable financial costs and quality of life issues.

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