Cook Medical launches new Acrobat 2 Calibrated Tip Wire Guide

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Cook Medical has announced the launch of its newest endoscopy wire guide product, the next-generation Acrobat 2 Calibrated Tip Wire Guide.

Designed for ductal navigation and sphincterotomy procedures, the device incorporates technology from Cook's interventional radiology business unit to aid in traversing biliary and pancreatic ducts.

“Cook Medical has launched its new Acrobat 2 Calibrated Tip Wire Guide for use in endoscopy procedures.“

Using the Acrobat 2, surgeons can create an alpha loop when navigating strictures, with the product offering at least 35 percent greater tip flexibility than its leading competitors. Meanwhile, its platinum spring-coil tip facilitates gentle contact with pancreaticobiliary tissue and allows for fluoroscopic visualisation of the tip of the wire guide.

Acrobat 2 will be available in both 0.025-inch and 0.035-inch diameters and 205 cm, 260 cm and 450 cm lengths, with both straight and angled tips.

Barry Slowey, president of Cook Medical's endoscopy division, said: "We've engineered the Acrobat 2 wire guide to give you the optimal combination of tip flexibility and pushability, whether you are facing a routine ERCP or a complex procedure."

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