Virbac campaign to raise awareness of National Microchipping Month in June

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Virbac has announced the launch of a new promotional campaign in support of National Microchipping Month, which takes place this June.

The event will encourage veterinary practices to make efforts to promote the benefits of microchipping pets to their clients. Although this is a legal requirement for dogs, Virbac is keen to expand this focus to other pets, particularly cats, who often roam far from their homes.

“Virbac has launched a new promotional campaign to help raise awareness of National Microchipping Month this June.“

As such, the company is introducing a new support pack for practices to use in their waiting rooms and online, with prizes available for the vet offices that put together the best displays.

Additionally, an exclusive competition is being held for cat owners who have equipped their pets with Virbac's BackHome MiniChip technology. They will be able to enter a prize draw to win a GPS tracker for their cat's collar, allowing them to find out just how far their animals can venture.

Dr Sarah Dixon, BackHome product manager at Virbac, said: "Whilst compulsory microchipping for dogs has been in place for a year, practices must continue to highlight to owners the advantages of getting their pets microchipped."

The BackHome MiniChip measures eight mm long and features an anti-migration coating, while its needle is one-third smaller than standard models. It can be used for any size of species.

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