40% of GPs plan to leave profession in the next 5 years

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Forty percent of GPs are planning to quit their jobs in the next five years, according to new research.

A study carried out by the University of Exeter found that 54 percent of GPs in south-west England have low morale.

“Forty percent of GPs are planning to quit their jobs in the next five years, according to new research.“

While seven in ten are looking at changing their working patterns to address this problem, four in ten plan to go further by leaving the profession completely by 2022.

Krishna Kasaranen, education, training and workforce GP lead at the British Medical Association, said the study highlights the "enormous crisis" facing GPs, as many are struggling to cope with rising patient demand, staff shortages and stagnating budgets.

"As government figures showed last month, the number of full-time GPs is falling as many decide to leave the profession or retire earlier," he commented.

"Many GPs are voting with their feet because of the daily struggle of trying to provide enough appointments to patients without the resources or support they need."

Mr Kasaranen added that with the UK's departure from the European Union, more overseas doctors look set to leave the country.

This, he said, means the staff shortage currently being experienced across the NHS could be set to get worse in the next few years.

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