Takeda allies with Medicines for Malaria Venture on drug research project

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Takeda has announced a new partnership with the Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) that aims to further the development of antimalarial drugs.

The joint research programme builds on a previous malaria screening initiative by the two partners, which was announced in 2013. It is intended to further advance potential hits identified in Takeda's library of proprietary compounds and develop them into viable therapies.

“Takeda is partnering with the Medicines for Malaria Venture to explore promising compounds for the treatment of malaria.“

Under the new agreement, Takeda and MMV will conduct an in-depth evaluation of the activity of multiple hits, with the aim of identifying potential novel antimalarial leads within a year. Takeda will provide the compounds and also scientific expertise, while MMV will offer its malaria-specific knowledge.

Both the screening program and the newly-agreed collaboration will be funded through the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund, which was established to promote the research and development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for communicable diseases.

The company said: "To eradicate malaria, there is a need for novel drugs that are well tolerated and efficacious against resistant strains of parasite and are easier to take than current regimens."

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