Norbrook study highlights reasons why sheep farmers do not consult vets

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Norbrook Laboratories has published the findings of a study that demonstrates some of the factors preventing sheep farmers from reaching out to vets.

Conducted by Bax Interaction on behalf of global pharmaceutical company Norbrook and the XLVets community of practices, the study was designed to deliver a better understanding of how and when sheep farmers engage with veterinary professionals.

“Norbrook has published a study highlighting the main concerns for sheep farmers engaging with vets, including a desire to avoid consulting them unless they encounter a major health issue.“

It was shown that major health issues are the main reason sheep farmers seek advice from vets, with many being hesitant to seek help too early due to a desire for self-sufficiency - as well as a perceived lack of expertise on the part of vets.

Given the wealth of information and advice available to sheep farmers, some feel farm vets cannot provide the level of specialist sheep knowledge and experience they expect, due to the fact that vets do not spend as much time on sheep farms as they do with cattle.

Cultivating better relationships was indicated as being the most important factor in increasing sheep farmer engagement, with flock health planning highlighted as a good way for vets to get more involved with flock management and build trust.

Chris Geddes, marketing manager at Norbrook, said: "Developing specialist sheep knowledge in the vet practice was suggested as a key engagement driver, as well as forging closer relationships to ensure successful engagement with sheep farmers."

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