Amgen receives NICE backing for secondary hyperparathyroidism drug

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Amgen has received backing from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for its secondary hyperparathyroidism drug Parsabiv (etelcalcetide).

PharmaTimes reports that NICE has given the go ahead for the drug to be funded on the NHS in England and Wales for patients diagnosed with secondary hyperparathyroidism, which is a common condition in individuals with chronic kidney disease.

“Amgen's Parsabiv should be made available to NHS patients in England and Wales, NICE has ruled.“

This marks the first new secondary hyperparathyroidism therapy to be made available on the NHS for more than ten years, providing hope to thousands of patients.

Amgen's Parsabiv has been recommended by NICE for use in patients who cannot be treated with cinacalcet due to its unavailability or unsuitability.

The newly-approved drug works by activating the calcium-sensing receptor on the parathyroid gland, which can help to regulate some of the symptoms associated with secondary hyperparathyroidism, subsequently assisting in bringing the condition under control.

Parsabiv was given EU approval in November 2016 and received the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration earlier this year.

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