ResMed named as global leader in remote patient monitoring

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ResMed has been recognised as a global leader in remote patient monitoring in a new report compiled by independent technology analyst firm Berg Insight.

The organisation's annual mHealth and Home Monitoring report has shown that 7.1 million patients were remotely monitored by the end of 2016 on sleep, ventilator, diabetic, cardiovascular or other therapy.

“ResMed has once again been named as a global leader in remote patient monitoring in a report from Berg Insight.“

This represents a 45 percent increase from 4.9 million patients at the end of 2015, with this market growth attributed primarily to ResMed's efforts to make connected healthcare a cornerstone of its strategy.

Currently, the company accounts for two million of the patients who are being remotely monitored on a global basis, and has been able to generate more than one billion nights of sleep data through its offerings.

ResMed chief executive officer Mick Farrell said: "ResMed has been delivering on its promise to help streamline sleep therapy for patients and providers with digital solutions for over a decade, and we will continue to focus on connected care as we execute our growth strategy."

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