City and Guilds to update terms of Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines Certificate

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City and Guilds has agreed to update the terms of its Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines Certificate of Competence in light of growing concerns about antibiotic resistance.

The National Pig Association (NPA) has asked for the skills body to change the way that trainee vets are taught about prescribing medication to farm animals, as there are concerns that if overprescription continues, resistance to antibiotics in both animals and humans will worsen.

“City and Guilds has agreed to update the terms of a veterinary training certificate to reflect growing concerns about antibiotic resistance in humans and animals.“

If humans eat meat from an animal that has been treated many times with antibiotics, their own resistance could grow, meaning they could potentially develop complications or even die from infections that can currently be easily treated with prescription medicine.

As a result, future veterinary students will be taught about how such resistance spreads and how it can be avoided by prescribing antibiotics only where they are absolutely needed.

Richard Longthorp, vice-chairman of the NPA, stated: "This is yet another tool in the armoury to demonstrate our professional approach to safe and responsible use of veterinary medicines."

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