GDC pledges more consistent approach to complaints handling

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The General Dental Council (GDC) has outlined its commitment to implementing a more consistent approach to its handling of complaints.

Plans will soon be published providing details on the ways in which the regulator will strengthen the current complaints system, allowing issues raised by patients to be dealt with appropriately, with dental practices themselves leading the charge.

“The General Dental Council has outlined plans to ensure a more consistent approach to complaints handling in future.“

Currently, the GDC receives a significant number of complaints that are unrelated to the clinical ability of dental professionals, and are therefore not investigated as part of the Fitness to Practise process.

As such, the organisation is keen to work with the profession to remove any barriers that may be preventing patients from complaining to the dental practice directly, including difficulties with navigating the system.

This will facilitate early, quick and low-cost resolution of complaints and disputes, while reducing the GDC's own workload.

Bill Moyes, chair of the GDC, said: "We know good practice exists, so we want to work with the profession to maximise the potential of complaints being handled between the dental professional and the patient, so there is a consistent approach across the four nations."

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