Cook Medical launches new Motion Hybrid Wire Guide

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Cook Medical has announced the launch of its new Motion Hybrid Wire Guide, which has been designed to help urologists carry out procedures with greater ease and efficiency.

The new device combines the features of a nitinol access wire guide and a Teflon fixed-core wire guide into a single product, reducing the number of wire guide exchanges during a procedure and potentially saving time and money.

“Cook Medical has launched its new two-in-one Motion Hybrid Wire Guide for use in urology applications.“

It provides access and control through a combination of a kink-resistant nitinol core and a flexible nitinol tip, with its hydrophilic coating facilitating the placement of the wire guide in order to establish access.

Since the body is Teflon-coated and constructed using tightly-wound stainless steel, the passage of instruments will be made easier, providing improved control during the procedure.

Jean-Marc Creissel, vice-president and global leader of Cook Medical's urology division, said: "We are eager to introduce this product to urologists to simplify their procedures by offering them the option to use one hybrid wire guide in place of two wire guides."

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