Waters introduces new Torus supercritical fluid chromatography columns

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Waters has announced the launch of four new preparative supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) columns within its Torus SFC column line.

These achiral SFC columns are designed for purification laboratories scaling up their separations of investigatory drug compounds, natural products or synthetic chemicals, and offer a new and proprietary bonding chemistry.

“Waters has added four new preparative supercritical fluid chromatography columns to its Torus range.“

The columns come in four different phases to cover a range of selectivity, while remaining stable and reproducible to ensure day-to-day and batch-to-batch consistency.

A recent evaluation of the columns by the specialty pharmaceutical and research firm Dart Neuroscience offered evidence of their ability to eliminate retention loss and provide excellent selectivity and peak shape for basic, neutral and acidic drug-like molecules.

Jeff Mazzeo, vice-president for Waters' consumables group, said: "Building upon our success with Torus SFC analytical columns introduced a little over two years ago, we've evolved the Torus SFC Column family to bring customers additional separations and isolation capability."

Torus 1.7 and 5 micron columns are available in four chemistries: 2-picolylamine, diethylamine, high density diol and 1-aminoanthracene, across a variety of internal dimensions and lengths.

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