BD launches new Neopak 2.25mL prefillable glass syringe

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BD has announced the launch of its new Neopak 2.25 mL prefillable glass syringe, which is designed specifically to meet the needs of biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

This syringe facilitates the higher-volume injection of biologics by reducing undesired interactions, such as drug degradation or aggregation between the primary container and drug.

“BD has launched Neopak 2.25 mL, an advanced prefillable syringe for higher-volume injection of biologics.“

It will support manufacturers' efforts to mitigate product development and commercialisation risks, with regard to the fact that biologic drugs require higher quality levels and performance. The device makes it possible to develop drug-syringe combination products with extended injection intervals.

This is the latest addition to the growing BD Neopak portfolio, which also includes a Neopak 1 mL glass prefillable syringe. The new syringe is now commercially available in the US, Europe and Japan.

Peter Nolan, worldwide president of pharmaceutical systems for BD, said: "By offering higher volume subcutaneous injections, the BD Neopak 2.25 mL prefillable glass syringe is designed to help reduce the number of necessary injections, aiming to improve the safety and convenience for patients."

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