Qiagen and Genohm offers data management tools for GeneReader NGS System

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Qiagen is introducing new features for its GeneReader Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) System through a partnership with lab informatics company Genohm.

The alliance will introduce seamless data management tools to the GeneReader system by integrating the NGS workflow with Genohm's laboratory information management systems.

“Qiagen is partnering with Genohm to provide users of the GeneReader NGS System with access to laboratory information management tools.“

Qiagen's NGS solution is supported by GeneRead Link, a middleware co-developed by the two companies, to ensure complete chain of custody, from sample processing to final reports with full connectivity into the leading LIMS systems. 

GeneReader users who do not already have a LIMS solution will also benefit from connectivity into Genohm's proprietary SLims solution, allowing data to be managed across the laboratory.

Jonathan Arnold, senior director of marketing for next-generation sequencing at Qiagen, said: "Offering GeneReader NGS customers access to Genohm's proprietary SLims solution - an easy-to-use LIMS and electronic laboratory notebook system - broadens the solution to manage the whole laboratory's data."

The company recently announced that it will be resuming commercialisation of the GeneReader NGS System in the US in early 2017.

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