Woodley Equipment launches new milk testing solutions for dairy cows

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Woodley Equipment has announced the launch of three new milk testing solutions for diagnosing health conditions affecting dairy cows.

Each of the three tests are non-invasive, require only five ml of milk to carry out, and are able to produce results in two minutes or less.

“Woodley Equipment has launched three milk testing solutions for dairy cows to help diagnose a number of common conditions.“

The InSight Milk Beta-Hydroxybutyrate test strips are used to identify ketosis caused by a lack of nutrition, especially during the early postpartum period, to help prevent decreased milk production, reduced fertility and displaced abomasums.

Meanwhile, the InSight Milk Urea Nitrogen strips can be used to monitor the animal's protein nutritional status and the feeding programme to make sure nitrogen excretion is minimised and that relevant nutritional requirements are being met.

Finally, the InSight Milk Lactate Dehydrogenase test can help to diagnose udder infections, also known as mastitis, by determining the presence and severity of tissue damage. This can allow effective treatment to commence promptly.

The company said: "With three tests that can be carried out at the patient's side, problems with nutritional status, the feeding programme and udder infections can easily be identified to allow for efficient treatment of the animal."

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