BD and Vancive Medical Technologies launch new vascular dressings

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BD and Vancive Medical Technologies have announced the launch of a new range of transparent vascular dressings.

The BD ChloraShield dressings feature BeneHold adhesive technology with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) antimicrobial preservatives to enhance patient care and make it easier for the dressings to be applied and removed.

“BD has allied with Vancive Medical Technologies to launch a new range of transparent vascular dressings containing chlorhexidine gluconate antimicrobial preservatives.“

BeneHold was developed by Vancive Medical Technologies and is designed to help comfortably secure the dressing to the skin, absorb fluids and protect the site from external contaminants.

The CHG within the adhesive protects the dressing against microbial growth, making them ideal for catheter insertion sites. The Infusion Nurses Society recently released guidelines recommending the use of CHG dressings.

BD acts as the exclusive distributor of the dressings worldwide, with designs including bordered and non-bordered options, as well as sizes commonly used for peripheral IVs and PICCs.

Stephen Hartley, global vice-president of infection prevention for BD, said: "The new ChloraShield IV dressings complete BD's portfolio to offer a comprehensive set of products for vascular access procedures, including skin prep, catheters, connectors and flush products."

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