New programme launched to offer better support for mothers with mental illness

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A new programme is being launched in England with the aim of providing better support to an extra 30,000 new or expectant mothers experiencing serious mental ill health each year.

NHS England is kicking off these efforts by launching a five million pound Perinatal Community Services Development Fund, which will help to improve the availability of high-quality care for women with severe or complex conditions.

“A new NHS England programme is being launched that will offer support to an extra 30,000 new or expectant mothers who experience serious mental ill health issues each year.“

Currently, fewer than 15 percent of areas provide services that match the recommended standard outlined in national guidelines, while more than 40 percent provide no service at all. The immediate aim is to close this gap.

Local systems will be able to request funding for up to three years, with the total funding available to increase to 15 million pounds next year and 40 million pounds in 2018.

Dr Giles Berrisford, associate national clinical director for perinatal mental health, said: "I am delighted that we can use this fund to build capacity in the community, focusing on what works really well for women and their families."

Overall, 365 million pounds has been allocated for specialist perinatal mental health services over the next five years, with the aim of hitting to target of providing 30,000 more women each year with better care and treatment by 2021.

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