Leo Pharma presents awards to two skin research scientists

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Leo Pharma has presented awards to a pair of scientists who have made groundbreaking advances in dermatology research.

The Leo Pharma Research Foundation Awards are presented annually to researchers overseeing cutting-edge work in the field of skin science. This year, Dr Amaya Viros and Dr Thomas Wiesner have been named as the gold and silver winners, respectively.

“Leo Pharma has announced the two winners of this year's Leo Pharma Research Foundation Awards.“

Dr Viros will receive a grant of one million Danish kroner (115,500 pounds) based on her pioneering work in describing mechanisms behind the development of squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Her future research will focus on skin cancer and ageing.

Meanwhile, Dr Wiesner will receive 500,000 kroner in recognition of his efforts to find new mechanism-based cancer therapies, with the money supporting his further attempts to define relevant genomic and epigenomic aberrations underpinning skin cancer.

The winners will be formally presented with their awards at the European Society for Dermatological Research's annual meeting in Munich on September 8th.

Thorsten Thormann, chairman of Leo Pharma's Research Foundation Award Committee, said: "We are proud to present two talented scientists with this year's Leo Pharma Research Foundation Awards. Both scientists have advanced our understanding of skin diseases and made valuable contributions to the scientific community."

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