Ceva Animal Health changes name of Feliway to Feliway Classic

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Ceva Animal Health has announced that its popular feline behavioural aid Feliway has been rebranded under the new name Feliway Classic.

The move is a response to the successful expansion of the pheromone product brand with the introduction of Feliway Friends, a new version Feliway designed to help reduce tension and fighting in homes with multiple cats.

“Ceva Animal Health has renamed its key cat behavioural aid Feliway to Feliway Classic, to help differentiate it from other offerings in the range.“

When new stocks are made available later this year, the original Feliway Classic will be sold in distinctive red packaging, while Feliway Friends will feature purple branding.

Claire Russell, pheromone product manager at Ceva Animal Health, said: "By adding Classic to the original Feliway, we are helping cat owners differentiate between the different pheromone products, whilst enhancing the Feliway brand."

Feliway products utilise a synthetic copy of cat-appeasing pheromones naturally produced by mothers after giving birth, which helps animals feel safe and secure.

Both versions of the product can be used at the same time if there is conflict between cats in the home alongside other stress-related behavioural problems, including urine marking, scratch marking and general anxiety.

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