Bayer Animal Health launches canine ocular health video series

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Bayer Animal Health has launched a free three-part educational video series providing key information on canine ocular health.

The new Back to Basics video series aims to improve and refresh veterinary knowledge on carrying out a canine ocular examination, with the goal of helping professionals to spot conditions early and improve outcomes.

“Bayer Animal Health has launched a new series of educational videos discussing key aspects of canine ocular health.“

Hosted by veterinary ophthalmologist Chris Dixon, director of Veterinary Vision, the videos last 15 minutes each and cover different elements, including practical tips for performing external and internal exams, optimal use of the ophthalmoscope, and how to approach and manage corneal ulceration and keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

The first video in the series details some key ocular reflex and response tests, including the menace response, dazzle reflex and pupillary light reflex.

Hannah Watts, group product manager at Bayer, said: "The aim of these videos is to assist vets in their approach to the canine ocular examination, in order to allow them to feel confident in diagnosing and managing common ocular conditions."

This comes after the firm launched an educational antimicrobial guide for small animal vets to use in practice earlier this summer.

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