Idexx launches vet sector's first low-dose radiography system

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Idexx has announced the launch of the new ImageVue DR50 Digital Imaging System, the first low-dose radiography system specifically for the veterinary sector.

The device enables low-dose radiation images to be captured, aiding the health and wellbeing of pets and veterinary professionals, especially veterinary technicians of childbearing age. It does this without sacrificing clear high-quality diagnostic images.

“Idexx has launched its new ImageVue DR50 Digital Imaging System, the veterinary industry's first low-dose radiography system.“

Early adopters of the system reported the ability to use 40 to 50 percent less radiation than conventional systems to get the same quality of images, thus improving the visualisation of dense anatomy and fine anatomical structures.

Other key advantages of the new system include its patented flat-panel detector that increases the sensitivity and sharpness of the image, while it is also able to deliver digital image capturing in less than eight seconds.

It can be utilised in conjunction with the cloud-based IDEXX Web PACS software to enable veterinarians to access images from any web-enabled device.

Jonathan Ayers, president and chief executive officer of Idexx, said: "The ImageVue DR50 system delivers on our mission to keep pets and people healthy by bringing innovation and diagnostic insight to veterinary medicine."

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