Medtronic study shows benefits of cryoballoon catheters in atrial fibrillation treatment

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Medtronic has announced new data showing the benefits offered by its Arctic Front cryoballoon catheter family in the treatment of atrial fibrillation.

Secondary analyses of the FIRE AND ICE clinical trial have shown that significantly fewer repeat ablations and lower hospitalisation rates were experienced by patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation treated with the cryoballoon catheters compared to an established line of radiofrequency ablation catheters.

“Medtronic has reported new data showing how its cryoballoon technology is associated with fewer repeat ablations and hospitalisations among atrial fibrillation patients.“

There were 34 percent fewer cardiovascular-related hospitalisations, 33 percent fewer repeat ablations, 21 percent fewer all-cause hospitalisations and 50 percent fewer direct current cardioversions.

The study also showed an improvement in mental and physical quality of life for patients in both treatment groups at six months, which was maintained throughout the follow-up period.

Colleen Fowler, vice-president and general manager of the atrial fibrillation solutions business at Medtronic, said: "Offering a technology that has fewer hospitalisations, repeat procedures and shorter procedure times than conventional point-by-point technology is meaningful to patient care."

A total of 769 patients from 16 medical centres throughout Europe were enrolled in the FIRE AND ICE trial.

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