Oxford Gene Technology launches new DNA repair mix

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Oxford Gene Technology has announced the launch of a new mix designed to help repair a broad range of damage in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) derived DNA.

The SureSeq FFPE DNA Repair Mix helps to improve library yields, on-target rates and mean target coverage, while removing fixation and storage artefacts and reducing the amount of starting material required.

“Oxford Gene Technology has launched its new SureSeq FFPE DNA Repair Mix, for use in the repair of FFPE-derived DNA.“

This helps to increase the success and accuracy of hybridisation-based next-generation sequencing for FFPE samples by repairing damage such as nicks and gaps, oxidised bases, blocked ends and deamination of cytosine to uracil.

By fixing this damage, it will be possible for scientists to reduce the amount of starting material they require to as little as 100 ng, while delivering excellent sequencing data for variant calling applications.

David Cook, senior product manager at Oxford Gene Technology, said: "Products like this and the vast amount of research OGT undertakes on product and workflow optimisation demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best, most innovative tools to our customers."

Acquiring a large quantity of high-standard FFPE samples for sequencing is a common issue in clinical research, as fixation processes can significantly damage nucleic acids, while long storage times can produce problematic artefacts.

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