ResMed study shows heart health benefits of ASV therapy

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ResMed has announced new clinical data showing the positive heart health benefits associated with adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) therapy.

The CAT-HF trial assessed whether the treatment of moderate to severe sleep-disordered breathing with ASV therapy could improve cardiovascular outcomes in patients who were hospitalised for a sudden worsening of their heart failure symptoms over six months.

“ResMed has announced study data showing the effectiveness of adaptive servo-ventilation therapy among people with sleep-disordered breathing and heart failure.“

Overall study outcomes were shown to be neutral, but a prespecified subgroup analysis showed a statistically significant improvement in the primary endpoint for people with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction who have sleep-disordered breathing.

Further research will be conducted to better understand the findings, in order to determine who would be appropriate candidates for ASV therapy.

Glenn Richards, ResMed's chief medical officer, said: "These results are important because they are the first to show that addressing sleep-disordered breathing with ASV therapy may improve cardiovascular outcomes for people with preserved ejection fraction heart failure."

This comes after a previous study from last year, SERVE-HF, showed ASV therapy should not be used for patients with predominant central sleep apnoea and symptomatic chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.

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