Oral health issues 'putting people off showing their teeth in photos'

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A new survey has shown that many people in the UK do not show their teeth when taking photos of themselves due to self-consciousness about their oral health.

Conducted by the Oral Health Foundation and Oral-B, the poll indicated that only 29 percent of people are likely to pose for a photograph with an open-mouthed smile, with 33 percent citing discoloured teeth as the main reason why.

“Poor oral health is dissuading a lot of people in the UK from showing their teeth when taking photos of themselves.“

This was the single most common explanation given, indicating it is a common concern for Britons, yet despite this the survey also showed that many are not taking proper care of their teeth. Indeed, 55 percent admitted to only brushing once a day, rather than twice, as recommended.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive officer of the Oral Health Foundation, said: "Discoloured and crooked teeth are two of the biggest reasons identified for the lack of toothy smiles, but thankfully addressing these and taking care of our oral health is quite simple."

The report was released to coincide with National Smile Month, which runs until June 16th. As well as emphasising the importance of brushing, the campaign also encourages people to reduce their sugar intake and ensure they see the dentist as often as they are advised.

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