Cost of UK private dental care 'on the up'

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The average cost of private dental care in the UK is rising, according to a new report from

Analysing the fees charged by 14,000 private dentists in 20 towns and cities around the UK, the report indicated that private dental care costs have risen by 42 percent compared with last year, with the average check-up now costing 51 pounds.

“Private dental care costs have increased by 42 percent over the last year, according to a new report.“

Pricing tends to vary according to location, with the cheapest average dental check-up price found in Birmingham at 31 pounds, while the most expensive rates were seen in Liverpool at 77 pounds.

It was shown that dental implant enquiries are up 87 percent since April 2015, with the average cost of implants increasing from 2,114 pounds to 2,814 pounds in the last 12 months.

Sandeep Senghera, a former dentist and head of dentistry at, said: "A combination of a strengthening economy, a rise in awareness and affordable payment options has created an environment where patient demand is rapidly growing for dental implants, with high street dentists increasingly offering the treatment."

Moreover, the cost of aesthetic dentistry is also increasing, with veneers now 68 percent more expensive, although tooth whitening has become four percent cheaper as services become more common.

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