Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new MSIA Strepdavidin EVO microcolumns

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of its new MSIA Strepdavidin EVO microcolumns, a next-generation large molecule affinity purification solution.

This fully automated solution is designed to aid the analysis of large biomolecules such as proteins and antibodies with improved accuracy, consistency and simplicity, even at high throughputs.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its new MSIA Strepdavidin EVO microcolumns, which offer the potential to help simplify large molecule bioanalysis.“

Incorporating novel mass spectrometric immunoassay (MSIA) affinity purification technology, the system is designed to be used in combination with Tecan's Freedom EVO series of robotic platforms.

The microcolumns enable fast and accurate isolation of target analytes from complex biological matrices, thus improving biotherapeutic, disease biomarker and sports anti-doping bioanalysis.

Preeti Saini, product manager for MSIA liquid handling consumables at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: "The MSIA Streptavidin EVO microcolumn is an ideal solution for biologics and biosimilars discovery and development."

Earlier this month, the company announced the acquisition of INEL, a provider of real-time X-ray diffraction systems based in France. This takeover will further expand its offering of analytical instruments.

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