Cook Medical ureteral access sheath shows efficiency benefits in new study

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Cook Medical has highlighted findings from a new study showing how its Flexor Parallel Rapid Release ureteral access sheath (UAS) can deliver cost savings.

Published in the World Journal of Urology, the study showed how Cook Medical's UAS can provide physicians with an option to use one wire guide for treatment and diagnostic purposes during flexible ureteroscopy (fURS) procedures.

“Cook Medical's Flexor Parallel Rapid Release ureteral access sheath has demonstrated its efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a new study.“

It was confirmed that when the Flexor Parallel device is used for these operations, a single wire guide can serve as both the safety and working wire, delivering efficiency and cost-saving gains.

Other authors have reported that UAS use in patients amenable to the procedure can decrease intraluminal pressure, permit drainage and help eliminate dust and stone fragments, further decreasing operative time and costs.

Jean-Marc Creissel, vice-president of Cook Medical's urology division, said: "We are thrilled to provide physicians options to perform fURS by using the traditional Flexor placement or the rapid-release technique."

This comes after the firm recently launched its new EchoTip ProCore 20 gauge needle, designed for obtaining histological samples from difficult anatomical locations.

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