Cherwell Laboratories appoints new microbiology product specialist

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Cherwell Laboratories has announced the appointment of Andrew Ramage as its new dedicated microbiology product specialist.

The industrial microbiologist will provide direct technical and applications support to customers and distributors of Redipor Prepared Media, as well as working with customers to ensure Cherwell offers the specific products required for their specialist applications.

“Cherwell Laboratories has appointed Andrew Ramage as its new microbiology product specialist.“

He will also be tasked with maintaining and developing the company's understanding of regulatory requirements and scientific advances, and making his insights available on its corporate website.

Mr Ramage boasts 15 years of experience working as both a quality control microbiologist and within an aseptic manufacturing facility, most recently being employed at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control.

He can also offer expertise in the environmental monitoring of cleanrooms, the testing of sterile and non-sterile products, and the fumigation of both cleanrooms and high containment level laboratories.

Andy Whittard, managing director of Cherwell, said: "Along with his first-hand experience of the challenges of interpreting and implementing regulations within the pharmaceutical and associated industries, Andrew's knowledge and expertise will further strengthen the expert support we provide to our customers."

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