New smart dressing offers wound monitoring capabilities


A new smart dressing technology capable of monitoring chronic wounds has been developed by international researchers.

The dressing, called DermaTrax, has been created as part of a collaboration between Ireland's Tyndall National Institute and Fleming Medical, alongside the Holst Centre/TNO in the Netherlands.

“A smart dressing with wound monitoring capabilities is being developed by researchers from Ireland and the Netherlands.“

It incorporates a range of sensors to measure the temperature, moisture and pH of wounds without the need to remove the bandaging and disturb the patient, before transmitting the data wirelessly to medical professionals.

A key challenge of the ongoing project pertains to the integration of the necessary sensors and electronics into flexible materials without compromising their characteristics.

Once available, the DermaTrax dressing could be a key to bringing down the increasingly high cost of wound care in the UK and elsewhere.

Dr Conor O'Mahony, project leader at the Tyndall National Institute, said: "Around 200,000 patients are treated for chronic wounds yearly at an estimated annual cost of four billion pounds. Because of this cost, it is vital for patients and the taxpayer alike that these wounds are managed effectively."

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