Teva UK to update packaging as part of patient safety scheme

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Teva UK is introducing an updated version of its product packaging for generic medicines in order to further improve patient safety.

The company is supporting the first Patient Safety Forum organised by trade organisation Pharmacy Voice and is conducting a full review of its packaging in order to help meet NHS England targets of reducing avoidable harm by 50 percent.

“Teva UK is updating the design of its packaging for generic medicines as part of a Pharmacy Voice patient safety scheme.“

Its current packaging design was first launched in 2005, with a recent survey showing that 70 percent of customers feel Teva's packaging is above the average industry standard and better than that offered by other manufacturers.

The company's Teva 360 packaging has won awards, but additional improvements are now being sought with the aim of further supporting the dispensing process and delivering greater patient safety.

Paul Burden, director of generics at Teva UK, said: "We are now working closely with the regulatory body, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, and hope to introduce the new style packaging in the UK over the coming months."

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