Thermo Fisher Scientific launches Orion 3106 chemical oxygen demand analyser

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of a new analyser for the measurement of chemical oxygen demand (COD) for wastewater treatment plants.

The Orion 3106 COD analyser is the latest addition to the portfolio of Orion products serving the wastewater industry, and combines a digestion step with colorimetric analysis to measure the concentration of organic compounds that can affect water quality.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its new Orion 3106 COD analyser, which measures chemical oxygen demand for wastewater treatment plants.“

It is designed to reduce ongoing operating costs through its low maintenance and reagent consumption. By controlling the treatment process, users can reduce disinfection costs, while its intuitive user interface can simplify navigation.

COD analysis is used to detect levels of organic pollutants in water, and early identification of these contaminants can indicate an issue in the treatment process of wastewater.

Giovanni De Dona, global process business manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: "By adding this new COD analyser to our portfolio of portable and benchtop Orion water analysis instruments, we aim to provide environmental chemists with a complete solution to liquid analysis and measurement."

The company completed the acquisition of the chemicals company Alfa Aesar from Johnson Matthey last month.

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