Virbac appoints new product manager

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Virbac has announced the appointment of Madeline Hayes as its fourth product manager, strengthening its companion animal product marketing capabilities.

Ms Hayes will take responsibility for popular ear products such as EasOtic and Epi-Otic and for Virbac's antibiotic range, NSAIDs and diagnostic products. She will also help strengthen the portfolio of support services offered to customers.

“Virbac has appointed Madeline Haynes as its fourth product manager.“

Boasting a first-class degree in business management with marketing, she has a strong background in digital marketing, having worked for digital agencies and run her own marketing business for several years.

Key projects she will help to support include taking Virbac's innovative social media-based parvovirus warning system, ParvoAlert, to the next stage of development.

Simon Boulton, head of marketing for Virbac's companion animal division, said: "Our companion animal marketing team is now at full strength and working on innovative campaigns for the rest of this year and next."

The firm continues to expand its range of companion animal products, introducing Cooldent, a highly palatable and fast-acting tablet to address bad breath in dogs, last month.

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