EKF Diagnostics' PointMan technology hailed at scientific conferences

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EKF Diagnostics has highlighted two research posters supporting the application of its PointMan DNA enrichment technology that have been delivered at key conferences.

At a recent International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer conference, the firm highlighted the benefit of using PointMan to analyse circulating tumour cells from blood samples taken from lung cancer patients using the Gilupi CellCollector.

“EKF Diagnostics' PointMan DNA enrichment technology has had its effectiveness supported during presentations given at recent scientific conferences.“

The study concluded that the combination of isolation and enrichment technology can overcome blood volume limitations of other extraction approaches, and that mutations in isolated DNA can be analysed successfully using PointMan technology.

Meanwhile, the second study was presented at the Circulating Nucleic Acid in Plasma and Serum meeting in Berlin, and presented data on EGFR T790M DNA enrichment of specimens from a cohort of 52 lung cancer patients.

It concluded that the PointMan assay is a useful and rapid technique for detection of T790M in circulating DNA, as an alternative specimen to solid tissue biopsy, for identifying tumour-derived mutations.

Julian Baines, chief executive officer of EKF Diagnostics, said the presentations "add to the ever-increasing body of scientific data confirming the utility of PointMan and its key role in the molecular analysis of circulating tumour cells and DNA in liquid biopsies".

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