Thermo Fisher Scientific launches Prelude LX-4 MD chromatography system

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of its new Prelude LX-4 MD high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system.

The four-channel device is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of clinical sample separations, while freeing valuable bench space. It quadruples productivity using four parallel channels that deliver up to four separations in a single instrument.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its new Prelude LX-4 MD device, a four-channel, high-performance liquid chromatography system.“

In doing so, LC-MS workflows can be streamlined and mass spectrometer idle time reduced, making it ideal for clinical laboratories requiring high-throughput separations.

Moreover, the four channels can run identical or different LC-MS assays simultaneously, offering flexibility for varying clinical separations and maximising mass spectrometer utilisation.

Bradley Hart, director of market development for Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: "The Prelude LX-4 MD is one of the first products within a broader initiative to make sample separations and mass spectrometry more useful and accessible to the clinician."

This was one of a number of innovations the company recently showcased at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo.

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