BD study highlights risks posed by reusable sharps containers

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BD has reported the results of a new study showing the potential infection risks associated with the utilisation of reusable sharps containers.

The research analysed data from the results of a national survey of hospitals in the US conducted in December 2013. According to the analysis, hospitals that used single-use containers had significantly lower rates of C. difficile infections as compared to those using reusable containers.

“BD has published the results of a new study showing higher rates of C. difficile infections in hospitals that use reusable sharps containers.“

This conclusion was based on completed surveys from more than 600 US hospitals, with the higher risk of infection associated with reusable containers remaining prevalent even after controlling for several potential mitigating factors.

C. difficile infections are considered to be a serious risk in healthcare settings, with their prevalence at an historic high at present. They have been linked to high morbidity, mortality and costs.

Dr Lynne Kelley, vice-president for worldwide medical affair for BD's medication and procedural solutions business, said: "At BD we are continuing to work to identify effective strategies to reduce healthcare-associated infections. This study provides very compelling new insights demonstrating where infection control protocols might be modified to reduce risk."

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