GDC recommends CPD training on safeguarding vulnerable patients

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The General Dental Council (GDC) has announced that safeguarding vulnerable patients is now categorised as a recommended continuing professional development (CPD) topic for dental professionals.

Dentists will now be encouraged to educate themselves on the measures needed to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults, including raising concerns when abuse is suspected and finding out the procedures in place for their protection.

“The General Dental Council has added the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults to its list of recommended CPD topics.“

The regulator explained: "The aim is to increase awareness about these important topics so that all dental professionals feel confident and equipped to raise any concerns about abuse or neglect of vulnerable people."

Other CPD topics recommended by the GDC include legal and ethical issues, complaints handling and early detection of oral cancer. There is also a highly recommended category, including medical emergencies, disinfection and decontamination, and radiography and radiation protection.

Professionals can make themselves aware of the full list of CPD guidelines by visiting the GDC's website, which has been updated to reflect the new recommendations.

CPD is a necessary component of registration with the GDC, meaning that failure to meet requirements could result in professionals being removed from the register and unable to practise.

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