Animal health industry 'needs to maintain European relationships'

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Leading figures in the European Union need to continue to work closely with experts in the region's animal health industry to make sure it has the best possible treatments in its portfolio for fighting disease.

This is according to an article published in the Parliament Magazine by Roxanna Feller, managing director of IFAH-Europe, which states that these relationships need to be nurtured to ensure Europe's animals can continue to receive the highest-quality medication.

“The European animal health industry needs to maintain its relationships with EU leaders, according to a new report.“

Currently, over 30 percent of all veterinary drugs are administered in Europe, where there are approximately 61 million dogs, 66 million cats, 85 million sheep, 86 million cattle and 149 million pigs.

But for them to access the best treatments possible when they are injured or fall ill, Ms Feller believes tighter relationships and more long-term commitment are needed from the animal health industry with EU leaders.

In particular, she wants to see continued focus on the 'prevention is better than cure' mantra, which is one of the main drivers behind vaccine development.

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