Smith & Nephew launches hip labral repair anchor

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Smith & Nephew has launched a new product designed to help treat hip labral tears.

The Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor is intended to soothe the discomfort of patients with damage to the cartilage surrounding their hip socket.

“Smith & Nephew has launched a new device for the treatment of hip and shoulder labral tears.“

Doctors can use the small device to help them to perform procedures such as rotator cuff and labrum repair, with Smith & Nephew believing that the Q-FIX has significant advantages over larger, hard anchors.

The device is available in several sizes, with a single-loaded 1.8 mm design, as well as a 2.8 mm double-loaded version.

Vice-president of the firm's global sports medicine franchise Scott Schaffner commented: "The Q-FIX implant is the next generation in the design of all-suture anchors.

"It offers surgeons the benefits and flexibility they love with all-suture anchors, as well as the fixation and pull-out strength they expect from much larger, hard anchors."

The Q-FIX also has the potential to be used to treat labral tears affecting people's shoulders.

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